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Cheap Flights to Africa

Africa is a huge continent, but the infrastructure for tourism is not up to the mark. There are direct Africa flights from London. And to get an Africa flight ticket is easy.

You have to take assistance of a travel agent to get a cheap airline ticket to Africa.  Another option to enjoy cheap flights to Africa is during off season.

Best time to fly: You can fly to Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe any time through out the year. Winter time is more suitable for Mocambique and Malawi. Emirates has the extensive network in Africa, you can try for cheap flights to Africa with them. They also run direct Africa Flights.

Best time to travel: African winter is the best time to go on safari as grass is dry. It is also the time when animals are on the move looking for food and water. The day temperatures in winter are mild but become cooler in the evening. Summer is the best time for birding, botany. Don’t forget to take necessary anti-malaria medications along with you. Advance tickets booking may bless you with the cheap airline tickets to Africa during season time. To get a ticket for last minute flights to Africa you have to arrange it only at the airport before take off.

Climate: High season of Botswana is July – Oct., and the shoulder season is May-June. Kenya – high season is Jan-Mar and Apr-June for more exclusive experience. August is the high season in Malawi. In Mozambique the best season is Apr-Sept, best fishing months are Oct-Mar, and best beach resort season is Nov-Dec. Namibia – best time is Jul-Oct, shoulder season May-Jun. North part of South Africa May-Sept is the best period and Oct-Marc in south part of South Africa. Tanzania through out the year. In Zambia, Sept-Oct. is good for wildlife and game viewing and Sept –mid Apr. for birding. In Zimbabwe, high season is July –Oct and shoulder season is May-June.

Attractions: Africa is full of attractive parks and natural sceneries.
•    The Castle of Gondar – It is in Ethiopia and is famous for its design and decoration of its churches. You can view the city from the top.
•    The Blue Nile Falls – It is the longest river of Africa and is in Ethiopia. It is also the life line of Egypt and Sudan. Its falls are spectacular. A prominent place for excursion.
•    The Sphinx – It is in Egypt. There are lots of monuments in Africa but no monument is as majestic as the Sphinx.
•    Great Pyramid of Khufu – It is in Egypt. This is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Egypt and nobody will like to miss it. These buildings are shaped like a pyramid. The royal family members were buried in it.
•    Lion Park – This Park is in Johannesburg. The Lions are kept open in a high security area. You can also see Rhino and other animals in this park.

Getting in and around- Africa is a huge continent, but the infrastructures in many countries are inconsistent. While countries like South Africa may have superb systems of rail and roads, most of the continent does not have. Traveling around much of Africa often requires time, patience and stamina.

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