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Cheap Flights to China

China is an epic adventure; it is extremely vast covering everything from diverse cosmopolitan cities, manicured gardens, great walls, push of Shanghai to volcanic dishes of Sichuan.

A journey to the most populated [1.3 billion] and most culturally diversified country like China is an extraordinary one.

Best Time to Fly
Best time to get China flights and easily avail the China airline tickets is any time in the year avoiding the peaks that is period between June and September.  

Cheap flights to China and cheap airline tickets to China can be found in discounting agencies in China town.  Cheap flights to China are the airlines requiring a stopover at the home airports.

Best Time to Travel
Though, travel to china is possible year round, but the spring [March to May] and autumn [September to early November] are the best time to visit China. It is preferable to avoid the blistering heat of summer [June to August] and Stinging chill of winter [November to February/March]. China flights are usually completely packed during the festival seasons like Chinese New Year.  

Winter in China’s north and north east fall between November and December and March/April are very cold. North of the Great wall and into Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang temperature drops to -40 ̊C. Summer is hot and dry roughly falls between May and August. The three cities of Wuhan, Chongqing and Wanjingare are called `three furnaces’ sweltering between April and October.

Explore Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Great wall in Beijing. Visit Xia’n, the largest city in the world during Tang dynasty [618-907]. Enjoy the Ghost city of Fengdu and ancient cliff coffins at Shennony stream. Visit Shanghai’s excellent museum and elaborate temples.

So, visit China by opting for cheapest available airline ticket which is APEX [Advance Purchase Excursion Ticket] because it includes expensive penalties for cancellation and changing date travel. Generally tips are also available on fixed, round trip tickets which are having an inflexible period in destination country. Last minute flights to China which are to be obtained a month in advance are also showered with discounts.
Getting in and around
Boat serviced within China are limited, hitching is never entirely safe in any country of the world however many people have been successful and have hitch hiked in China. Bikes are common means to get around the cities however the best means for long distances to get around and are inexpressive is to travel in buses.

Cheap China Flights
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