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Cheap Flights to Lisbon

Lisbon, capital of Portugal, lies actually across 7 hills and the River Tagus. Its sceneries and landscapes are mostly beautiful which attracts many viewers to book Lisbon flights.

There are funiculars & an incredible winch connecting the lower to the upper Lisbon. The Lisbon Airport is the major airport of Lisbon which is nearly 7.5 km to north of Lisbon. There is a plenty of availability of cheap flights to Lisbon Airport.

Best time to fly Lisbon:
Visitors can go for booking cheap flights to Lisbon in the seasons like the summers, early springs and the winters. In this time the rates of Lisbon airline tickets are low and as well as the rates of the hotels and fooding are also cheaper.

Best time to travel Lisbon:
The peak season in Lisbon reaches to its highest point actually in the June and continues through August when prices are also too high. During the European Football Championship generally the city becomes crowded with a large number of supporters so it is quite better not to opt for finding cheap flights to Lisbon this time.

The city has lukewarm summers with temperatures reaching to the 20 degrees with windy winters around 10 degrees Celsius. Even Lisbon is rarely seen to be frozen in the coldest months like in December and January. The hottest months in Lisbon are July & August whereas the coolest months are December to February. So to take a look to Lisbon’s beautiful constructions and places, spring is the ultimate time for booking Lisbon flights.

•    Alfama, Lisbon’s most aged district having a Kasbah like outline with constricted streets and little squares. The greatest attraction there is the Castle of Sao Jorge which is the home of the Portuguese kings.
•    The Se Cathedral is uncomplicated with an attractive tainted glass rose window.
•    Baixa known as the viable heart of the city was completely rebuilt actually after the 1755 devastating earthquake. It is well known for its cafes and restaurants.
•    Ponte de Vasco da Gama, straddling round the River Tagus, is the Europe’s longest bridge ever.
•    The National Coach Museum, the largest collector of Royal Coaches, is delightful to watch.
Getting in and around:
Lisbon can be explored on foot very easily. In the heat of summer, however funiculars & elevators are used to steer the steep hills. The public transport consists of metros, buses, trams etc along with the funiculars & elevators in the hills. The fastest way to travel in Lisbon is by flights to Lisbon, metro, which actually covers most of the land. Many visitors come from around the world to book Lisbon airline tickets to enjoy this beauty.

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