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Cheap Flights to South America

South America is covered by Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. There is no road rout to connect it to rest of the world. Flight is preferred to water as it saves a significant time.  

If planned in advance there are all chances that you may get a cheap airline ticket to South America. Many airline operators offer lucrative discount to the passengers to have the business. As a result the passengers sometimes get cheap flights to South America.  

Climate – South America climate is predominanantly wet and hot. However the large size of the continent makes the climate of South America varied with each region having its own characteristics weather conditions. The other factors influencing the climate of South America are the geographical location, ocean current and winds.

Best time to travel –With different climates it is very difficult to say the best time to travel for the entire continent. Country wise the best times are as under: Argentina –through out the year; Bolivia –Apr-Nov; Brazil –Any time of the year; Chile –Oct-Apr; Colombia –Dec-Mar; Ecuador –Jun-Oct; French Guiana –Jul-Nov; Guyana –Feb-Mar & Aug-Oct; Paraguay –June-Sept; Peru –Dec-Apr; Suriname –Dec-Apr; Uruguay –Dec-Mar. There are many direct South America flights from North American countries. Getting a South America Airline ticket from UK is easy.

Best time to fly – Except rainy season, you can fly to this continent any time. There are direct South America flights from London. You have to go to the airport to try and take a chance to avail the last minute flights to South America.

Attractions – There are lot of tourist destinations in South America continent.
•    Machu Pichu –It is in Peru. The city is so beautiful that there are no words to describe it. It is famous for its fabulous architecture work. A tourist destination worth seeing.
•    Pao de Acucar – It is in Rio de Janeiro. The sugar loaf mountain is one of the famous landmarks of Rio de Janeiro. You can see how the mountain and the see confront each other. The view is spectacular.
•    Capacabana – It is also in Rio de Janeiro. It is among the one of the most famous beaches of the world.
•    Catedral de Lima – It is in Lima, Peru. A beautiful chapel worth seeing.

Getting in and around –Whether season or off season if booked in advance you may get cheap flights to South America easily. In general the roads in South America are often in very poor condition. But there is enormous network of bus lines, and if you have the time and patience, you can travel easily by bus from one country to another. Car-rental agencies don’t allow cars to be taken across international borders; it’s very difficult to drive around the continent. There is also no reliable international train service. All in all, flying makes a lot of sense, especially if you are short on time.

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